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Interview from 2000

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Kris With a K's JOYDROP Site

Below are pictures of fans of JOYDROP with the band. If you have your own picture with the band and would like to see it here, please Email Me!

Tara, Thomas, Lynda, Tony, Kris,
Jesse and Tom - (June 8, 1999)

{back}: Tom, Tony, Notorious L.I.Z.
and Jeff {front}: Thomas and Tara
(January 24, 1999)

Black Cat in Washington DC - Brenna and Tara

Tara and Evan.
Taken at SurfStock on July 2, 1999

Tony, Tom, Kris (with a K), Tara and Thomas
June 19, 1999 - Ocean City NJ

Lisa (in the middle) with JOYDROP in OH - June 2000

You are Number

BACK: Jes, Tara, Kris (with a K),
Jamie, Jesse, Lynda and Tony
FRONT: Tom and Thomas
December 5, 1999 - Albany NY