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JOYDROP   Reviews

This page will include any and all reviews I can find on JOYDROP. Some may be incredible, others may be "not so kind"...But I feel any and all reviews should be seen...Even if some are HORRIBLE, it might provoke action, and then create more of a "stir" about JOYDROP, and in turn, MORE PUBLICITY :o) And as they say, negative publicity is still FREE publicity!!!

Metasexual Reviews:
New York Post's Review
Review From Pro Mag
The Boston Phoenix's Review
At The Shore Review
Snap Pop!
(Thanx to Graham)
Review By Alex Steininger
(Thanx Chad for the transcript)
Review by Chris Parizo
Taken from Katie's page THANX! :o)
Review from Pre-Amp
(Thanx to Lynda!)

Live Reviews:
Chart Attack Review Ontario Canada

If you have any reviews, or find any on the 'net, PLEASE, email me the info so I can put it up here!