From At The Shore On- Line

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

Prepare to be surprised, very surprised. When you pick up a CD of a band that's led by a woman and named Joydrop, it's hard not to expect another dose of glam pop. But right from the opening track "Fizz" on the Canadian band's debut CD "Metasexual," you know you're in for something different.
Joydrop considers their music pop. To call what Joydrop does just simple pop is insulting to the band. They certainly know how to mix things up. Joydrop has been getting moderate airplay for "Beautiful," a catchy, melodic rock ballad that does a fine balancing act from becoming too hard or too soft and showcases singer Tara Stone's fine voice. "Fizz" leans more toward rock with a hint of electronica as the talented Tony Rabalao pounds his drums relentlessly for a catchy opener.
"Breakdown" utilizes a string section to perfection combined with a terrific refrain you won't be able to get out of your head. Further proof that Joydrop is not your run-of-the-mill pop band is "Strawberry Marigold," which borders on soft trip-hop as samples fade in and out. And the band isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to make a song better. For example, Rabalao sits out on "If I Forget" and "Until" as drum loops take over. There's a little bit of everything from rock ("Spiders") to electronica ("Dream Today") and the pop ("No One," "Dog Star Radio") Joydrop considers itself best at. Stone, who deserves a place in today's ever-growing femme rock world, can be compared to Joan Osborne and even Deborah Harry of Blondie ("All Too Well"), but she also deserves some credit for being herself. Her original attitude throughout "Metasexual" is part of the reason Joydrop is something special. ("Metasexual" is available in stores now.)

- Scott Cronick
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