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On the JOYDROP discussion list on Onelist (simply titled "joydrop"), every few weeks Lynda (our list moderator) posts a line from a JOYDROP song so we, fellow fans, can interpret what the hell we think they are trying to say :o)
Lynda tries to encourage the members of the list to submit lines to her, but she usually ends up picking them herslef, sometimes with help from me and her son, Jesse...cause no one really submits :o(
Participation is another story! Sometimes quite a few interpretations end up on the list, and sometimes only 1 or 2 (as you will see)...I have taken the liberty of saving all that have come through (missing a few from the begining -oops) and putting them up here for all to see. If you have a different interpretation, please - Email then to me and I will add your comments. To join in the discussions, JOIN THE LIST!!! :o)

JOYDROP   Lyrics

...As Interpreted by their fans...

Strawberry Marigold: "Don't lose your winds 'til you learn how to sing yourself to sleep"
Dogstar Radio: "Wish I hadn't been born with sight than become blind"
Over & Under: "There's Ways and Means...There's Wheels Inside of Wheels"
Until: "I won't forget your broken wings on that rainy day"
Spiders: "When love was fresh, like a web we'd mesh"
All Too Well: "And the death of poetry on the pages of a magazine strung out on the perfect set of genes"
Dream Today: "Wish on a falling star scraped knees pink scars hopes and dreams two for one in the land of legal hand guns"

More added as we discuss them, and I have time to put them up here :o)

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