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Taken June 11, 1999 -NYC

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How many have seen these candid Joydrop pictures???
That's how many! :o)

Tom before the show in Athens GA
October 1999

Also from Athens, Tara and Thomas

Show Me Your Tasteykakes!!!

"While in the Philadelphia area, the members of Joydrop love to eat their Tastykakes!"
(Photos taken June 8, 1999)

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Picture taken in NYC June 11, 1999

Photo taken at the Saint in NJ June 17, 1999

Tony playing a game of pool before the show
in Athens GA in October of 99.

A BIG Thank You to Rebecca for taking the pictures
of JOYDROP in Athens!
Go check out the LIVE PICTURE she took the same day!

JOYDROP doing a signing at the Virgin Megastore
in Columbus OH - June 2000
Lisa ( took this picture
Go see the live pictures she took the same day!