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UPDATED: September 29, 2005
As you may or may not know, joydrop is "not currently a functioning band"...
Some may say "that means they broke up"...Others may say "They are just taking a break"...
Nothing "official" has been said as to the clear future of the band as a whole,
but I do have some information on what the various band members are up to...

Tara: Tara recently appeard on the Mark Burnett Production of RockStar: INXS
where she competed to be the new lead singer of INXS!
Tara was the 6th person eliminated, but made a big impression during the show.
She will have a new CD coming out soon. Check out her official website:

Thomas: Has a new band called TRP out of Toronto. Here is their website:

Tony: Is working on a solo project. There should be some kind of information about Tony on This site!

Tom: I've heard has been producing, but I do not have any info on where you can obtain more info on Tom's work...

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You are the th Joydropper here (the old site was up to 8,000 hits).

Photo taken in Virginia - November 1999

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