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On Sunday January 23, 2000 (Tony's birthday) I, Kris (with a K), had the chance to sit down and interview all 4 members of JOYDROP (with the help of Lynda...) The questions that were asked were all submitted by you, the fans! Some answers below may be a little "long winded", but well worth the read! Please, sit back and enjoy the interview :o)
(Please note: The following people were present during the interview, and hence, you may see comments by them here. Diane- Thomas' soul mate (now wife- CONGRATS!); Ian- Tara's boyfriend; and Liz- Tom's wife). I know the interview is cut off, I have to find the rest of it!!
Boxers of briefs?
Tom- Boxers
Tony- Boxers
Thomas (TRP)- Boxer Briefs
Tara- Boxers...I mean, I don't wear them myself- I happen to wear briefs myself, I guess- But I prefer them on men.

Coke or Pepsi?
Tom- Coke
Tony- I don't like soft drinks, but if I had to choose- Pepsi
Tara- I have an allegiance to Pepsi for certain reasons I won't discuss right now :o)
TRP- Coke

Lindsey wanted you to know that your music has helped a lot of people and you kick major ass!
Tara- Thank you!
TRP- Thank you very much!
Tom- I'm taking it (kick ass) by what I think the person means. Thank you obviously. You try to do that when you play. What did the person mean by helping?
Kris- Your lyrics have helped people get through their own troubles and they can relate to your songs and it helps them in their own lives and get over whatever hurdle they have to get over.
Tom- I think that is great! There are certain songs which have- when I am down- have helped me up, so, if that's what they are talking about, that is an amazing thing.
Tony- You've really helped yourselves!
So...Who is this guy Noah anyway?
Tara- (laughing) Yeah- I actually know who Noah is...He actually came to our show in DC.

This is from Tiffany in Jacksonville Florida...Cocoon is her favorite song. She would like to dig deep into the song. So...Tara, how about expressing your feelings and thoughts about when you wrote this song.
Tara- I actually did an interview with her and I explained a lot about it to her. I don't know...I mean...Lyrics, like anything sort of "arrive"- not necessarily due to any specific event- but, you know...a mood. It was surrounding a break up - and not a particularly GOOD break up that I was having. But there are a lot of things that were going on that just put me in kind of, I don't know...maybe introverted kind of bad mood. I know it's not good to build a cocoon around myself. I know that- fundamentally. But sometimes, you just feel like FUCK IT! I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna fuck the world. I'm just gonna stay here and be mad and just relish in it- and relish in my madness- and relish my sadness. Its not rooted in any kind of deep depression or anything.

If you were stranded on a dessert island, and could only have 5 CDs, what would they be?
Tony- Stevie Wonder's 'Songs in the Key of Life' - Fishbone 'Give Monkey a Brain' - Beatles 'Magical Mystery Tour' (in which Tara chimed in 'Good answer!') - Prince 'Purple Rain - (Note from Kris: He named a 5th, but I can not make out what he said from the tape)
TRP- 5 copies of The Shags 'Philosophy of the World'. I need 5 machines to play them on and have them at different points on the island.
Note: We decided to come back so Tom and Tara had time to think, but we forgot!

Now...What 5 musicians would you want on your island?
Tara- Steven Tyler, David Bowie, Anthony and Flea from the Chili Peppers, and Joni Mitchell
Ian- Are you allowed to invite dead people?
Tom- I'd want Hendrix to be there! That would be fucking crazy!...John Lennon.
Tara- Oh Shit! Can I have him come to my island?
Ian- Just get canoes!
Kris- Yeah. That is an idea Jamie and I had so we could share a musician.
Tom- Kate Bush would HAVE to be there (BIG smile on Tom's face here), and Sly from Sly and the Family Stone.
Tony- Prince! He can play every damn instrument in case one guy is drugged out or passed out or what have you. Family man on bass...
Tara- You don't have to make a BAND!
Tony- If I am gonna rock out...I am not gonna rock out with 5 DRUMMERS!
TRP- You can have a big drum party!
Tony- Oh...I don't know!!!!
NOTE: At this point, we decided to come back to this one as well, and forgot that too!

How do you guys feel about bootlegs?
TRP- I like bootlegs because often, they are the only record we have of things we've done. I think it is really valuable. Sometimes we don't have the cameras or whatever so, I like to know that people have captured the things we have done.
Tony- Just so the person who does it- does it for the love of the music, love of the artist. Like, they love the artist and they love the music and that's why they did it, not just to make a fast buck. If that is the spirit behind it, knock yourself out!
Tara- It's different with rock bands in general than I think it is for like pop acts and hip hop acts. Cause they end up getting seriously bootlegged on the streets of New York or whatever. That's really fucked up for them! But, I don't think it happens as much in the rock world. Not to that extent. There's not a warehouse full of Hole albums or anything, probably not as much as there are warehouses full of Will Smith.

So...Are you a cat person, or a dog person? And if you were home long enough, what pet would you have?
Tara- I have a cat. I am a cat person. Her name is Flea, and I love her. She is the best! She is the most beautiful cat in the world!
Tony- I love 'em both man...I'd eventually love to have lots of land and lots of cats and lots of dogs just runnin' around in the sun.
Tom- I am both as well. In the city - I don't know about having a pet - but if I had a place fit for it, I'd love to have a dog- a big dog I could just wrestle with. You know when you are a kid and you just play with a dog and its so much fun...I could get into that even as an adult!
TRP- We have a cat. Definitely a cat person. It's a brown/tan tabby.
Tara- He's a portly cat.
Diane- Otherwise known as Fatty.

Thomas...The song 'Breakdown'...What is it about, and is it about anyone specific?
TRP- (With Diane on his lap, both chuckling)...Yeah, probably. But I am not going to say who, cause there is no point, It's about, in a real sort of 1 dimensional way, it's about a relationship breaking down.

Who are your favorite bands?
Tony- Why are you doing this to us?!?!?!
Tara- That's hard!
Lynda- Just name a few of your favorites...
Tony- OK, a few favorites...Foo Fighters, Fishbone, Zeppelin, Beatles...
Tom- Very recently, I have fallen in love with The Flaming Lips. The album "Soft Bulletin" is one of the best albums I have heard in a loooong time.
Tara- Oh God, I don't know!! um...The Beatles? I mean, if I had to pick the #1 band in the world I couldn't live without, The Beatles I guess...There are so many bands I love. AND the Chili Peppers!
TRP- These are like absolute answers in a kind of pluralistic world. I don't think, particularly for us at this age, we are like "That's the band!". Once you get older, we don't have that thing when you are younger "Yeah! That's the band." We kind of like tons and tons of different bands. So, it's harder for us to say just 1 band, cause there's so many of them. But I am a really big fan of Frank Zappa.

What are your favorite genre of movies?
Tony- It's all about quality. You can appreciate quality and that comes in every size, just like music. Questions like that are so difficult to answer because if there is something good you're not going to narrow it down and just go "I only like-
Tara (interjecting)- But there are some people who are just like horror junkies!
Kris- Like fans of Night of the Demons 3? (aaaahhhh, the look on Tara's face) :o)
Tom- Movies I tend to like are smaller budget movies. It's a trend that I've seen with movies I like - and just realize they are not the big Hollywood smashes that are really blowing out the box offices. I realize the thing I like are not that kind of movie. Slightly off the beaten track. More meaning and less car chases.
Tara- I think there are some really great big huge movies! American Beauty! That was FABULOUS!
TRP- I don't really like action movies. On the road it seems like more sense to watch a stupid action movie as opposed to something "heavy". If that makes sense.

Some people are curious when you will be doing another Canadian tour...
Tony- We are hoping to do it in the Spring, depending on how things go.
TRP- We'd like to play Canada, but it's not really in our control.

Tara, you said in your bio on the Spiders promo CD you performed in Rocky Horror. Who did you play, and where?
Tara- Columbia. At the time, I had short hair. They asked me who I wanted to be when I auditioned and I said Columbia- Not knowing Magenta got to do the opening song! So that sucked for me. But uh...It was at a summer theatre festival at Kingston Ontario.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Tony- 1 of each.
TRP- 3 older sisters.
Tom- 1 older brother and 1 younger sister.
Tara- I don't have any full siblings. My parents divorced and re-married. So, I have a 12 year old sister, a 13 year old sister, and a 15 year old brother. I love them :o)

Do you find clowns or ghosts scary? If not, what do you find scary?
Liz- That's a good question! I'm scared of clowns!
Tara- Clowns don't frighten me, but ghosts scare the shit out of me!
Tony- I find neither scary. Real human beings are more scary then either.
Tom- I find things that are completely out of my control scary. Like for instance - say there is a wind storm and a tree branch broke off and would fly through the air and hit me. Those are the types of things I'm frightened of. Things that you just get blind sided by. Clowns or ghosts? Ghosts a little...
TRP- Things that threaten to hurt me or kill me scare me. I am not particularly scared of clowns or ghosts. I might have encountered a ghost...
Tony- You have! I know I have...(Tony' ghosts story coming soon, I still have to type it out...)

Thomas...You once said you had an "obsession", I think the word was...with carpets and the number 7. Can you explain?
TRP- Not really "obsession". I just used it a lot during a certain kind of period. It just sounds good. Carpet is a word that we used a lot and there's just something about "carpet" that I like. The number 7...Numbers are always neat. Numbers in history and religion and things like that have represented certain things. The number 7 in particular in Christianity. And it's a two syllable number which is cool - Cause when you are writing, it's good to have a 2 syllable number in there.

At this point, Thomas went to lie down because he wasn't feeling well...

What do you miss on the road? Tara- Your own bed, your own kitchen, your own bathroom. uh...obviously your significant other, which is somewhere around here...My CAT...I think a certain sense of freedom- SPACE! More space...
Tom- Well, I miss Liz!...I miss my computer a LOT!!
Liz- Notice he misses me...But he misses his computer A LOT?!?!?! (BIG smile on Tom's face here hahaha)
Tom- I miss my...You know what I miss? All the things in the house that make life kind of cool in your apartment. As well as that ability to groove around the city- go places- go to shops. I mean, when you are on the road, everything is so scheduled. It is not the natural way for me to always be on a schedule. It becomes a group activity. Everything is a group activity in a lot of ways. And I guess I'm a little bit of a- I don't like being tied down too much...I guess I'm fairly independent in that way. I mean, I love people and I love their company...I think there is a fair degree of independence you lose on the road. Its such a give and take world. What I get from playing live is the kind of thing you can't replace. My soul gets fed. In one area of my soul - I mean, there's so many different like- it's HUGE! But in one area, from playing live and seeing smiling faces where people love music and love to be a part of that, THAT part is fed...And really well fed- and I feel fantastic about that. And the brotherhood of pulling off the kind of shit that musicians have to pull off on an ongoing basis....The closeness that you get out of working with 4 people in kind of - I mean, a lot of conditions we work under are, I think, as stressful as any other job for sure, and sometimes I feel I'm pretty tough. I miss sleeping properly. I don't ever sleep on the road properly. I get a descent sleep once in a while, where as when I am home, I sleep about, 6 out of 7 nights I sleep REALLY well. And also, I miss having good sleep cycles. Anyway you cut it, you get better vegetables at home. When you are in a city and you've built up that infrastructure around your life- I get good bread here- I get good coffee here- So, you terms of nutrients, it's not a really nutritious lifestyle being on the road. It's more about smokes and beer and sex and rock and roll. Ya know? Which is good on one level (he says with a chuckle) but you can't do that everyday.
Tara- Yeah you can. I mean, I don't say you DO, but you CAN!
Tom- You can do the sex thing everyday! :o) There's no way of controlling your environment to enhance it - and the thing about being home is that you can control your environment so as to make it a really really- the BEST place that you can, and that's what it is all about. Your lifestyle and your home is a really special place- and a worth while place to live in. There's some shit that you come away with from being on the road that you're going to remember until the day you die. And there will be areas of you that will always miss it, if it were taken away. That's a long winded answer....

Ed in LA was wondering: You were supposed to shoot a video for 'Spiders' in LA on Dec 11th...Did you?
Tony and Tara (at the same time laughing)- No.
Tony- Still in the works, not quite sure yet. If we do, Ed will know. Shoot a video in LA, tell him he will know...

This next question was asked to be said in the voice of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers II...So....I had Tom ask in his Scottish accent :o) (Although he didn't understand how the accent could translate through the internet, he did it anyway)
Tara, Why are you so dead seeexxxxxyyyy??
Tara- hahahaha Why am I so dead sexy?? (I think she was blushing here...) Uh.....Why....I don't know!
Tony- Because people tell you that you are.

What would make a day perfect for you?
Tony- Being alive man. Honestly? Just being alive and being healthy. That's all I need for a perfect day. When you open your eyes and you are breathing...
Tara- Yeah, would be MORE perfect if...You awoke to a big Cafe Ole' - which I can't drink right now - There are certain worldly pleasures which, you know, that would make things more perfect. and sour soup from my favorite restaurant...Staying in bed most of the day. But, I mean - that's right now! That's just because I miss my bed! I miss my home...
Tom- Yeah...I think there would be some fornication involved in my day! I think it would be- Getting up, waking up, having sex...having a really good coffee...a shower...getting in a car, driving 5 minutes down the road to a ski hill where there is no one there...Me- and I go skiing for 4 hours...then meet Liz...we have dinner...
Liz- What do we have?
Tom- We have...a REALLY great Indian Meal from the Killer Man (something, couldn't understand what he said) Club in Glasgow. And then...
Liz- Have sex again...
Tom (agreeing)- Have sex again...Go out 5 minutes down the road and see an awesome movie on an IMAX theatre thing at the end of the night...And then go and have a massage...Then just go to bed in the Swiss Alps in a bed made of feathers, with a pillow made of feathers, and a blanket made of feathers, in a world made of feathers...THAT would be my perfect day!
Tara- Yeah, so much for just being ALIVE Tony!
Tony- I'll stand by it! there anything you'd like to say to your fans??
Tony- Thank you for sticking by us and diggin our music and being interested!
Tom- Keep coming to the live shows! It's amazing to see people at the live shows. When you see a face again and again -
Kris- and again and again and again (Raising my hand)...
Tara- We really appreciate it! It means a lot to us to have, you know...people have an allegiance to us. That people are loyal fans. That's really nice and gratifying and that's what we're trying to do...
Tony- Even though people write to the message board or send emails, that we get copies of...A lot of times people say that "Oh, you probably won't read this..." or "You probably don't care..." But we DO read them, and we DO care and it DOES mean something when people take the time and effort to...Think about it! If we do what we do, and if it moves somebody enough that they are actually going to go to the internet and that person is sitting on their computer and typing something out or whatever, mailing a letter or something...and we get it- I mean, we really appreciate that. So, don't think its just another letter or just another thing. It's like- every time we see that, it's like...It makes us feel like "Yeah man! All our hard work, it's paying off! It's reaching out to people."
Tom- I'm definitely moved. It sounds totally corny, but sometimes when I read through, I mean...The stuff Louisa sends us- a stack of emails. I mean, literally THAT THICK! (measuring with his hands) For those of you in internet land, that's about 3 and a half inches tall! Your sitting in the airport, or bus just reading. Sometimes, you read them and you actually get moved for a second! It's like "Wow man!"
Tony- Even though we can't always ANSWER them...that would be impossible...We read them! So keep 'em coming!