Everything leading up to the land of legal handguns part seems to point towards the innocence of youth. Perhaps that is what the legal handguns part is about. As a child, in the land of your imagination (or Dreams, as in Dream Today), anything goes. Nothing is restricted or regulated. The laws of governments, phyisics,time, space, or science in general don't apply to that world. OK, well maybe I have kids on the brain because I work with them. I dunno, That is what hit me though. Jamie

I also agree with the love of the song Dream Today, whilest it may never contend with Cocoon, in my mind, the lyrical quality (as with all JD songs) is awesome. OK, as for MY opinion.... "Wish on a falling star/scraped knees/ pink scars/ hopes and dreams/ two for one/ in the land of legal hand guns" The thing that comes to mind when I see/sing these lyrics is this: We wish and hope for things to happen- but now a days, hope seems to have been lost (hence, wishing on a FALLING star...) and all that is left to show for what we dreamed and hoped for are the scars and wounds (two for one...two scars/scrapes per one dream/hope...), in a land where the murderers of these dreams and hopes do it with, seemingly, no consequence...(legal....). And the rest of the song goes on to strive the listener to bring back those dreams and hopes...In the end a positive message relayed through, what I intrepretted as negative, perceptions of society. I could be WAY off-base, but I think the interpretation is correct, in my view:). Definitely took me enough to explain that, eh? Well, I think I have sufficiently bored me and everyone else around me enough, so I'll go back and hide in my little hole :). Laters! -Kimberly

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