I have yet to determine for myself if this song is about a relationship between 2 people, or the state of the world. So with not being able to determine that, it makes it kinda hard to interpret 1 or 2 lines out of it...But I will take a stab a the line looking at this song as a relationship between 2 people... To me, it sounds like in the beginning of the relationship, his eyes were open and seeing all that was going on with the person he was with...He wasn't naieve at all. He was careful. But then he let himself fall in love with the other person so much he went blind to reality. He started to not see the things that this other person was doing that ultimately ended up hurting him so much...Kris (with a K)

Here is my embittered opinion. The subject wishes perhaps she had not been living in the area where a particular Canadian band (who shall remain nameless) decided to play so much at the beginning of their U.S. career. She saw them very often when they were first "born" onto the music scene here. She was, able to see them all the time, adn therefore had sight of them. And as time progressed, they neglected this area to buid a fanbase in other parts of the country :P, so now she never ever ever gets to see them anymore !!!! She has, in effect become blind to their live performances. Just going out on a limb thinking Tom wrote that song about my current plight before we even met, but he's intuitive like that; it could happen, right? :) That's my two dollars (didn't ask for a dime,i want my two dollars!) -Jamie

I guess my Opinion of what this line means is that When You Know what is out there and you have seen it...And then you lose it... You would have rathere not know it... Such as... You Win the lottery and you become acustom to the lifestyle and then You go bankrupt... You Wish that you never won the lottery because then you wouldnt feel so bad when you Can't live the way you Used to... Or In crude lamens terms "It sucks to know what your missing" That was probably textbook answer of the lyric but Hey... Someone had to say it! Blayne

This reminds me a lot of a line from a song by James called "Sit Down." It goes: "if I hadn't seen such riches, I could live w/ being poor." I think these are both along the same lines...if you're born blind or "poor" (in whatever sense one wants to interpret being poor), you don't know about all the wonderful things you could see/experience if things were different, so you don't have any sense of having something missing...BUT...if you're start out w/ sight/riches (once again, whatever interpretation of riches one wants to use), then it's incredibly difficult b/c you feel like you're missing all this stuff you used to take for granted. *Lisa*

I agree with Blayne.  Since this leads into the idea of Dog Star Radio.  The Dog Star is actually a very bright star in Orion (if I recall my astronomy correctly).  So I think it's about how you can sometimes hear a higher frequency (which is unseen) when you are tuned into a place where there is no pain or fear.  So the singer (our friend Tara) wishes she hadn't seen the pain, and then become blind, only to hear the frequency from Dog Star Radio.  It's almost a primal howl for that time before knowledge, when you just felt bliss. Noah

ok, here's my interpretation finally...I had two different opinions about the meaning of this line..."Wish I hadn't been born with sight then become blind..." my first was the basic you can't miss what you didn't have, that Blayne and others voiced. Then the more I thought about it, this theory made sense for me...seeing through the eyes of a child...in other words, when we are young and uncorrupted, we can imagine anything we choose and believe that anything is possible. Children for the most part see the good and positive in everything and everyone...but as we grow and take in more of the world we come to see that everyone and everything is not always good. We realize that hatred and pain exist and its almost as if some of us become blinded to love and kindness. And in turn these people become fearful, untrusting, and lose whatever hope or dreams they had. But the Dog Star Radio is a place where love and hope exist and we can believe as children again. Does this make sense to anyone else? Lynda

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